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Yours (truly) Spirit, Wine & Beverage Mentor

We are much more than just a B.R.A.N.D Agent ...

FREXH is your bespoke, “one-stop” APAC specialist, working with you to take your brand from emerging to established through Brand Development, Brand Education, Public Relations & Marketing, Strategic Product Distribution and more.
Even better? We're the only firm to have a Direct Sales Person on the ground working around the clock, just-for-you. Oh yes, direct reporting to you, the brand owner, at all times of day.

Working with clients across 10,000+ outlets in over 17 countries, our experts focus on key areas to improve both SALES and BRAND MANAGEMENT, and report DIRECTLY to the brand owner with monthly insights into the APAC Market for stellar teamwork and visible results for us: the dream team.

Not only do we have a global vision, but with our proven strategic approach, and local touch, we are able to work together, and grow together, to provide a complete portfolio of spirits to your network of existing customers and partners, and to fully comprehend your needs, and most importantly, your clients’.

Great connection is only half the battle.

FREXH is an international team of problem solvers, networkers, industry experts and hard workers that are oh-so-dedicated to making brand sustainable & profitable. Whatever your challenge, we’re your feet on the ground to guide your brand towards the future.

And as they say, the proof is in the pudding:

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